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Hello everyone,

I recently started a book club for my group of friends as an excuse to read another book and get together at a cute cafe and talk about it. I already read a countless amount of words a month but I can struggle to read books I want to because I’d rather re-read a book I’ve read a dozen times like Harry Potter. Anyway, the book I’ve chosen for this month is Amy Plum’s After The End. It’s a modern day dystopian book about a small village of people living in Alaska as hunters and gatherers after the destruction after the third World War except there wasn’t a third World War…

I basically inhaled the book finishing it in a couple days but our meeting isn’t until the end of the month so I’ll definitely have time to read the sequel as well but then I might spill some spoilers to my friends by accident!

A book I was waiting for through the library came in after I finished After The End, great timing. The book is called The Siren and it is written by Kiera Cass. It was actually released in 2009 but was recently re-released and improved on with a much nicer cover. She is the same author of The Selection series, a series about a country with class systems ranging from one to eight (one being the elites and eight being homeless, etc). In the first book, the prince needs to choose a bride and girls from every class can apply and they go into a selection. Just like the bachelor but with real castles and ball gowns. I didn’t think I would enjoy it but I ended up reading all the books in the series and enjoying them all.

Anyway, The Siren is about a girl travelling on a ship with her family in the 1950’s when sirens call to the ship and people start acting wild. She starts to fall into the siren’s spell then protests because she wants to leave and the ocean grants her wish to make her a siren and to save her life. The catch is she’ll remain in an unchanging, unbreakable state for a hundred years and must lure people to their death whenever the ocean asks her and the other sirens too.

I’m actually really obsessed with it right now and its always in my mind because I haven’t had much time to sit down and read it but I’m hoping to catch up on it tonight. I would recommend all three of these books to people interested in young adult fiction.

Travelling to the land of reading,

– Kirra


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