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My Favourite Board Games

Hello everyone,

I love playing games on my phone, computer or PlayStation but a year ago we started buying board games and venturing past things like Monopoly and Scrabble for exciting adventures like Pandemic and Zombies!!! 

My absolute favourite card game is Sushi Go! and the moment I saw it in our favourite board-game store I bought it immediately. It’s small enough to fit in your purse and quick enough to play while you wait for your food to come by on a real sushi train. Kingdom Builder will always be played differently as the pieces of the board are shuffled and the cards that dictate the best way to get points and win are picked from a deck. It’s an excellent game that you can sit down and play for a half hour with friends. Alhambra is the kind of game a really fun real estate agent would like to play. You have money and buy tiles with different buildings (earning you low points to high points based on colour and the amount you have) that you have to connect a certain way to form your palace, your Alhambra. 



Munchkin can be really hardcore with all the cards you can get to upgrade your character but it’s simple enough to play with children if you want to risk the stress and hair pulling of playing board-games with children! In Pandemic you are playing against the game so you and your friends must work together to eradicate the diseases taking over the world and cure everyone before you run out of cards. We actually lost the first two or three times we played it but it just encouraged us to play it more until we finally won! It is seriously fun and you’re dreading picking up a disaster card. King of Tokyo is super simple and perfect for children. You are a monster attacking the other monsters from inside or outside of Toyko and it’s all up to your rolls of the dice as to how well you do. I’m currently on a winning streak on this game and my best record for three wins in a row in one night!


Small World is a game I haven’t played as much as the others but I look forward to playing it more as you have the option of playing a race (eg. elf) with a special ability decided from a shuffled deck and then you battle to capture territories. There’s a few more rules that go into it so I don’t totally understand it yet but I enjoyed it. Cards Against Humanity is a classic adult card game that everyone that uses the internet has probably heard about. The base game comes in an Australian version from their site for a really cheap price as well.There’s so many expansion packs also so it’s reminding me that I should stock up on some and make our game even more interesting. Zombies!!! is a magnificent zombie survival game that randomizes each time you play as you pick up a tile each turn and play it down to make the map as you go. There’s also a ton of expansions that add more depth to the game. My favourite way to play the game is to see who can reach the helicopter pad (the winning spot) first or to team up with another player.


In conclusion, I love these board games. I think everyone should try these ones because it’s always different each time you play them and it’s even better with friends!

– Kirra


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