Tokyo Treat Unboxing

Hello everyone,

A few days ago a delivery came for me and it was my Tokyo Treat box! It’s a subscription box delivered monthly from Japan with three sizes of boxes to choose from all filled with Japanese candy and treats.


This was my first month actually buying a box since I’ve been looking at several boxes for years but never ordering any but I saw a discount code for the February box. They also offer free shipping to all countries which is great because most subscription boxes I’ve seen can have pricey international shipping costs. I ordered the premium box since there was a discount code for that box but even with the code, the cost for me in Australian dollars was $43 for the twelve items in the box. It’s still good value though because you’re experiencing new food and treating yourself.


I almost ate the entire bag of the Chilli Tacos flavoured Chips when I opened them because they were the best chips I’ve ever had. They actually did taste exactly like chilli tacos but also like nachos with such a full flavour that will leave me with an empty feeling for my Australian bought chips.

I’m no stranger to the strawberry pocky since its one of the easiest items to buy in any store or even petrol station in Brisbane but the Pocky Fleck Strawberry Heart packaging was cute and is perfect to share with a loved one.

Nagewa Mentai Mayo chips were so amazing that I starting singing “Baby, I Love Your Way” to them and I think I love them triple as much as I loved the taco chips but since I finished them pretty quickly I’m a little sad now without them.

Years ago I discovered the the YouTube videos where you could watch people make Kracie’s (and other brands) kits that would result in perfect, miniature burgers or doughnuts. I’m obsessed with the adorableness of anything miniature with food or figurines so it was excellent to watch and I always wished I could make mine own so I was so excited when I got Kracie’s Mr. Fun Bakery in my box this month. I was super excited when I saw the white plastic container to mix the packets in that looked just the same as the ones in the videos I would watch. It was really fun to make and even tasted alright.

Grain Gummys are delicious just like jelly beans but with lovely light flavours and softer than our jelly beans that have a strong flavour that all sort of taste the same to me but with the Grain Gummys I could actually tell the difference between the flavours.

The String Candy Grape and Muscat is entirely enjoyable. The grape and muscat strings are delicious when they’re twisted together and they’re malleable enough to make any sort of design you want!

I’m not usually a huge chocolate eater because I feel pretty ill after eating more than a few pieces but the LOOKS Two Types of Strawberry chocolate bar is too delicious to stop and I ate half of it in a minute or two. Since it’s so hot here in Australia the poor thing was a little melted in the package but after it was refrigerated the strawberry filling was cool and delightful.

The Sweet Red Bean Soup is advertised in the booklet as best served warm in a mug during the “winter seasons” but we’re currently enduring the Australian summer so that’s a total opposite still I had to try it warm since cold didn’t sound half as good. I haven’t tried it yet, I think I’ll leave it for a cold night, but it sounds like it will probably be tasty!

The Kiki and Lala Strawberry Crunch were like the tiny rice crispie treats my mother used to make for me to take to school (back when children had lunch-boxes and canteens full of sugar and nothing else) and they also tasted very similar to strawberry pocky but with a lovely light crunch to them. I’m sad there was only two little squares but really if there was a whole tray I’d be in danger of a sugar overload.

The Princess’s Lost Treasure bar tasted exactly like the fruit bars I used to eat for lunch when I was in school and it was a nice middle ground between the sweet candy and made me feel like I was being a little healthy.

Lotte Koume Soft Candy kind of reminded me of play-dough usually I enjoy the soft candy chews but the plum flavour left a taste in my mouth that urged me on to eat more of my other treats.

The Collis Strange Gum 2 comes in lemon, strawberry and blueberry but then you chew them and eventually all the flavours turn to grape! I felt like I was in Willy Wonka’s factory trying the Three Course Dinner Chewing Gum! The gums were all like the cheap gum I used to buy from a corner candy store but I enjoyed blowing huge bubbles and chewed them until they lost every bit of taste.

Fujiya Peko Poco Chocolate are super cute and I’ve never eaten chocolate on a stick before. They were nice treats but they didn’t hold a candle to the Two Types Strawberry Chocolate.

Also, every premium box included a beautiful pair of chopsticks made from fine bamboo with a fortune attached. I look forward to using them and adding them to my collection.

I enjoyed trying all the treats over a couple of days and I think even if it is probably a bit expensive once it’s converted into Australian dollars I’ll keep my subscription and see what the next box brings.

I hope you enjoyed unboxing with me,

– Kirra


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