Book Reviews: Twisted & ApocalyptiGirl

Hello everyone,

I’ve finished the two smaller books on my TBR for this month already so I’ve got a double review since I don’t have a lot to say about either of them. I didn’t mind either of them but I wasn’t wow-ed and they didn’t leave an impact but maybe they will for you?


by Andrew E. Kaufman

Rating: ★★1/2

Christopher Kellan works at Loveland Psychiatric Hospital in the unit of Alpha Twelve as a doctor. In there he deals with the most deranged and psychotic killers imaginable and it’s just another day for him. When Donny Ray Smith comes to the hospital everything changes. Donny is accused of murdering ten young girls and making their bodies disappear. They can’t prove anything yet and they’re relying on Christopher’s diagnosis to be the nail in his coffin but the moment he looks into his eyes he’s rattled because those eyes look so familiar.

I was looking forward to starting this book because the plot sounded excellent. I was really hoping it would screw with my mind and deliver a crushing twist but it fell flat for me. If you’re wanting to read this book I’d definitely recommend that you try it, borrow it from your library, so you can make your own decision about it if you’re interested in the plot as well. For me, I didn’t connect to anything within the pages. I read it quickly over a matter of hours but I did it like I was staring at it through a murky and shallow pond that I couldn’t possibly touch. The writing was better than a lot of stories I’ve read and as I said, it was super easy to read but I didn’t end up enjoying it. The story ended up being too obvious to me and I wasn’t surprised a bit so I suppose I was just disappointed.

Favourite Quotes…

“The patient knows me.”

“That sleep of death, Christopher.”

“If I can get to them, I can get to you.”

*Spoilers Below*

Christopher’s first description of Donny (and the name Donny) has me picturing a teenager out of Grease with the tight white shirt and the pack of smokes under the sleeve. Then when he knows his first name and he realised that he couldn’t have known his name, that was a satisfying shock moment.

His memory of his father talking to the man in the drain and pleading with him not to kill them was very creepy and I feel like we needed more creepy moments like that.

We get to read as he descends into his madness and loses his mind and then finds himself in the hospital as the patient and that’s awesome but it wasn’t grabbing for me. I haven’t read Shutter Island but I think I get the gist of it now that I’ve read Twisted. I loved the Shutter Island movie though so I’m glad to read something like it.

I loved the second last chapter as it all wraps up and everything comes out. From the start of the book, Christopher has an intense hold on his wife and son and he’s constantly telling the reader how much he loves them and wants to protect them and in the end, you know why he was so insistent because he’s lost his son.


by Andrew MacLean
Rating: ★★

I had this book on my shelf purely because a girl and her cat against the world sounded like an excellent read to me but I was left a little confused after I finished it. It’s the standard size of a graphic novel/comic as the page count doesn’t go over a hundred and plenty of graphic novels can explain a situation in that time but this one couldn’t or maybe it just didn’t want to. In ApocalyptiGirl we follow Aria and her companion, Jelly Beans the cat, as they try to repair an old machine and search for an ancient relic with immeasurable power. We learn that her original few months of a mission has turned into six years as she fails to find the relic and encounters a tribe of “savages” that attack of at every turn.

This art in the book was appealing to me as it was a very sharp and dulled sort of landscape but there was so little story line to it. We find out who she is and what she’s doing (more at the end of the story) and there is some history of the planet in the mix but it’s mostly like we’re just watching her at the end of her story and just seeing the end of it and I feel like it could have been longer. Even just twenty more pages that explained more of the story but I’m sure there’s probably a cap on what they can do. Altogether, it’s an interesting short story but leaves you quickly and without attachment.

Let me know how you feel about these books from their plot!

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– Kirra

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