Review: Nevernight

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I finished Nevernight days ago but I’ve been dreading writing this review because I wasn’t sure how much I would have to write since I had so many thoughts on this book and I’ve never had so many notes on a book I’ve read before but I’m sure I’ve crushed a lot of those worries since I have a horrible memory and most of it would be gone by now! Still, I’m sure I can still ramble on for long enough to convince you that you need to read this book too!


by Jay Kristoff
Rating: ★★★★1/2

Mia Corvere watched her father die when she was ten years old and shortly after her mother and brother were taken away from her. She fights for her survival and by the age of sixteen, she is taking her first steps into the Red Church and looking to fulfill her promise of revenge and destruction to the people that wronged her and her family. But the Red Church is a horrible place of lies, greed and murder so Mia’s work will not come easily to her and throughout it all she also has to deal with the shadows that consume her. 

I was completely obsessed with reading this book when it came out because it sounded so thrilling so I was sure to start it the moment I had finished my other books. You might think it’s a Young Adult book because she’s only sixteen in the book but it’s definitely for mature readers because you will find violence, death and sex within the pages of this beautiful book and with the detail that goes into those things I think it would be too graphic for younger YA readers. One thing I must say is that the layout of the book (with the story and then the notes written by this mysterious writer who knew and loved Mia) can be difficult to immerse into. I enjoyed the notes but it was difficult to get into the story for the first hundred pages as the notes sort of pulled me out of it. Then things started accelerating and the action happened and the notes became a great dancing partner to the story. That’s really the only issue I had with the book since I just loved the rest of it even if some parts hurt me and came as crushing blows. 

Favourite Quotes…

“Never flinch. Never fear. And never, ever forget.”

“We are killers, you and I. Killers one, killers all.”

“The books we love, they love us back.”

“The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow.”

*Spoilers Below*

A book that starts off with a sixteen-year-old girl losing her virginity to an escort she paid, why can’t they all start this way? From the start of the book, you can already tell that Mia is the perfect mix of uninhibited and strong-willed. 

Mia has to watch her father be hanged at such a young age as the people around her cheered and then she has her mother and brother taken away from her as well. It’s fascinating that Mia was born into a well-known family from the great twelve houses of the Republic then she grows to become this whole other person without much at all to her name. She doesn’t even have her name anymore but she has a blade!

The three suns sounds cool, but only having truedark every two and a half years is so tragic because I hate the bright glare of the sunlight and I long for the night. So the idea of a nevernight where you’re always exposed and hit with the sun at all hours of the day is such an interesting concept but a nightmare for me.

Even if the notes at the bottom of the page sometimes pulled me out of the world of the book I still enjoyed them throughout it because if they weren’t informative then they were hilarious but most of the time it was both so once I was immersed into the story I was happy to read them and flip back and forth between the story and the notes.

I feel like Mia would get along with Arya Stark because they’re both badass and I can imagine them joining forces to cross off the names on their lists of people to kill but you know Arya is nowhere near Mia’s level of badassery because she’s off the charts. And I love that she can be swayed with cake. Finally, something I have in common with her.

Oh, Jessamine, shut up! You can tell within two sentences that this girl needs to go because she is just going to cause issues for Mia and probably try to murder her but hopefully Mia will try to murder her right back!

HE CUT OFF MIA’S ARM! HE CUT OFF HER ARM! HER ARM! HER ARMMMMMM! The first of many amazing shocks that came with this book. The fact that Marielle the flesh weaver was able to put her parts back together largely makes up for it but the point is that her teacher hacked off her arm because she embarrassed him. This is nothing like the school I went to but I can say that even if this might happen to me I’m still kind of interested in going there because I’d love to be like Mia. And a dangerous scavenger hunt in the Red Church sounds like so much fun if you don’t get caught. I also love the way the book is laid out with words being spaced out across the pages for dramatic effect. Such a brilliant book!

It’s so awesome that they can all change their faces, very handy if someone is looking for you as well! Sure, it hurts like hell but the end result would be fascinating and could they make me long as scary as possible?!

Then we have the incredible five pages from pg.250-255. I just love how Mia takes charge and it’s so detailed as well. Definitely some of the best pages of the book and of course it goes both ways because they both deserve a good time. This is power.

When we finally learn what Mia was hiding from in her mind the whole book it was such a fulfilling moment! She was there for the Philosopher’s Stone and then she has to see her now deranged mother and learn that her brother is gone. Poor Mia! The best part was Mia going fucking crazy with her darkness and shadows and ripping people apart! Man, she’s scary. I just need a visual of this, someone makes some art, make a comic, make a movie!

Then Mia lifts the veil on the book and shows everyone that she was faking her weakness and rips Marco to shreds until he yields. It’s such an amazing outcome to have her emerge as the badass we know she is and show everyone what she can do but that’s nothing compared to what came next. She was a damn genius as she pretended that she had found the correct cure so they would steal it from her and as Diamo is choking on the poison Mia stabs her and kicks Jessamine to the ground! Because it’s a book I can happily say that I’m glad she got them back and they deserved it without sounding like a crazy person.

Then she refused the initiation to the Red Church after everything she went through! I agree with Mia’s choices and I’m glad she didn’t just mindlessly follow them but it’s so funny that it came to this point and she just turned away from it all. And we find out that Ash is really the one behind all of this crap going on. It seems clear now that I’m reading back on it but I was oblivious enough that it came as a shock to me. Going through all of this so they can poison and kill everyone in the Red Church to avenge their father, that’s dedication. Me, I might just send them a strongly worded and heavily sarcastic letter so you know I’d be no good there.

I can’t believe that Mia would do that so Tric wouldn’t go easy on her but then he crushes her heart! She might like to pretend she doesn’t care but we all know they have something together but then he dies! It’s better this way because it would’ve complicated her goals if she had someone she scared for that could’ve been used against her but still, even sweet murderers need love! It was a lovely way to end the book when she killed for Tric said she missed him! How heartbreaking, I didn’t want him to die.

Also, I kind of had a feeling that Mia and Cassius were related in some way because clearly there aren’t many darkins but I’m not sure if he means an actual sister or if it’s just the way people call each other sister and brother when they have something in common like that but I feel like they’re not actually related and it is such a shame that he died before he could teach her anything. That is just another thing that will put her on a better path in the next book because it would’ve been too easy if she had help to guide her. 

I don’t think she needs a brother to guide her though because she has her Mister Kindly and Eclipse by her side. I love Mister Kindly’s sarcasm and wit and throughout the book, you can tell that he has a deep affection for Mia but I also think Eclipse will grow to be a great companion to her throughout the next two books. If Jay doesn’t find a way to kill them off too!

So, I think that’s all my feelings about Nevernight but I’m sure there’s a lot more I’ve forgotten about in the time since I finished it and finally got the motivation to write my review. I enjoyed this book so much and I cannot wait for the second one! How did you feel about Nevernight?

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– Kirra

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