Book Review: Rebellion by Kass Morgan


The 100: Rebellion
by Kass Morgan
Rating: ★★★

It’s been a month since the dropships landed and the Colonists joined the Hundred on the ground. The teens, once branded juvenile delinquents, are now leaders among their people. The Colonists and the Earthborn are celebrating their first holiday together when they’re attacked by a group of strangers. The newcomers kill scores of people, seize prisoners, and pillage crucial supplies. When Bellamy and Clarke discover that Wells, Octavia and Glass have been captured, they vow to get them back at all costs. But as they go after their new enemies, Bellamy and Clarke find themselves increasingly at odds, unable to agree on a plan to save their friends.

Meanwhile, Wells, Octavia, and Glass are being slowly brainwashed by their captors, religious fanatics with one goal: to grow their ranks and “heal” the war-ravaged planet by eliminating everyone else on it. But centuries of radiation exposure have taken their toll, forcing the cult to take drastic steps to survive. And unless the rescue party arrives soon, the teen captives will face a fate more terrifying than anything they could imagine. 

I read the first three books of this series early last year when I fell in love the show (in the early seasons) and then this book came out so I was actually pretty confused when I started reading this book and I basically couldn’t remember a thing that had happened in the last book! It was also really surprising that this book even came out because everyone assumed that was the end because there were three books and the third book ended fairly rounded but I guess the popularity of the show fuelled this one. I’m not complaining because I was very sad when I realised there were only three books but I do feel like this one didn’t really fit into the world Kass Morgan had formed in the books before.

This book seemed in one word- rushed. The book started off with everyone setting up for the Harvest Feast and in a happy mood but Bellamy has concerns that they’re being watched and thinks the feast is the perfect time for someone to attack them. Then that very thing happens pretty soon after! It was clear it would happen but it was still creepy when it did because these new villains in this book are totally messed up. Then it seems like it spirals quickly from then on with action, action, action and emotions everywhere!

I think the ending was the most rushed part of the book but I still absolutely loved the ending of this book because it was sweet and good and it does seem like it’s actually the end now but of course, I’d read whatever else she wrote for this series as well. It was also an incredibly quick read because it was only 300 pages and it was told in the perspectives of Bellamy, Clarke, Wells and Glass so on average they all only had about 75 pages each! I also feel like Clarke had the least involvement in this book so I was disappointed about that but it could have been purposeful to give Wells and Glass more action in this book. I do feel like it ended up fitting with the series towards the end of the book when it really felt like a great group of people working together to survive and thrive. Overall, it was an absolutely engaging read and the pages completely melted away like the words couldn’t write themselves quick enough for me to read if that makes sense!

*Spoilers Below*

It’s lovely that Clarke’s parents love Bellamy but I really don’t remember him being this much of a jerk in the previous books. I cannot believe how much they fought in this book. Basically, 85% of their interaction was spent angry, sad or throwing words at each other. I do think Bellamy is hot-headed and really could have used a reality check sooner but Clarke could have tried harder to reach him instead of keeping her concerns bottled up.

I thought Jealous Bellamy was so hilarious and fantastic when he has this silly idea that Paul and Clarke had something together because it was clearly all coming from Paul. It was completely horrible of Bellamy to suggest that she would move onto Paul after apparently using Wells and Bellamy to survive or get better treatment and it just made me want to hit him! Grr, Bellamy! At least Clarke was still level-headed and shut him down by telling him he was basically an angry person that lashes out instead of thinking and it’s so true!

Octavia and Anna are my favourite couple from this book and I’m so happy that Octavia is so happy because I think she deserves it greatly after all she’s been through and Anna seems like such a sweet girl while still having the ability to kick ass just like Octavia.

Throughout this book, Sasha’s death is still weighing deeply on Wells and I do remember that it was one part that was really sad for me as well because Sasha was a great character that died way too soon. I hope he finds someone else great after he heals from the pain of Sasha. He’s also still adjusting to being Bellamy’s brother but they’re both feeling a deeper bond to each other now. I loved all of the little thoughts they had about each other and it was good to see them really embracing each other.

I felt so bad for Glass throughout the book because she was so lost and without purpose in their home base so when she was kidnapped you could see her clinging to them when they gave her a meaningful position and came to her to help them above the rest of the people they had taken and they listened to her. So all of that combined made it super easy for Glass to form an attachment to this crazy cult and I definitely understood why she was hesitant to cut ties with them but thankfully, she realised how wrong they were with the best line, “Only if Earth wills it.” and that was truly epic.

The “Protectors” turned out to be so much worse than I originally thought. They went from being raiders that went from camp to camp taking food to a psycho cult that thought the Earth was speaking to them and having big celebrations in a gazebo made of human bones, yeah, human bones! But without a doubt, the worst part about the Protectors is the fact that they take these people, convert them and then make them all get together and pair to mate and make children in this awful group! I don’t know how she thought of this awful group but props to her because I was freaked out. I’m so glad they were stopped before anything drastic happened to these guys.

However, after all of those harsh and emotional times Bellamy and Clarke came out stronger in the end. They understood their faults and were honest with each other so they became that much closer. It also gave Bellamy a wonderful idea to propose to Clarke! I cannot believe they got engaged, I did not see that coming and it was the best part of the book! When he suggested they build their own cabin together I was pretty pleased with the idea of them having their own home together but then he went above and beyond by asking her mother for the family heirloom and asking her to marry him! It was seriously such a sweet ending and I love picturing them as a married couple in this blissful new world.

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