Comic Review: Saga #44


Saga #44
by Brian K. Vaughan &
 Fiona Staples (Illustrator)

So this was a whole lot of self-loathing and pain as well as a gut-punching ending! So basically just another day in the world of Saga but if I’m being picky, I’d like to say that I feel a little cheated because this issue seemed to be over faster than it took to open it up. I know it’s my own damn fault for reading single issues instead of waiting for the volumes, but once you open up your first single issue, it’s almost impossible to wait when you see another come out each month.

I understand that they’re introducing this Wing Country gang in this issue and it looks like the younger man with the mean maw is more sympathetic than the rest of them (meaning he’ll have an important storyline later on) who represent what I assume are the future Trump supporters of the galaxy but I just wanted more family time. I’m hoping they’re not a big part of the arc because I’d like to see more of the main characters but the young man does intrigue me.

As always, I feel so, so terrible for Alana and Marko and for Hazel just as much too, because they all suffered through that and were tossed way off course what they thought their lives would be like. I can’t believe that Alana actually blames herself when it was all a terrible accident, but I understand her grief is burrowing into her. Petrichor also has a pretty disappointing time as she lets go of the one she loves, shouts to the sky to send her someone to… have fun times with and is then spotted by the Wing Country group that have a very intense dislike for the people of Wreath.

All I want next issue is a sweet, happy moment with the four of them. I know, that’s asking a lot, but I’m just putting that out there. I’m wondering if Petrichor will be leaving soon too because she says that once her hands are healed, she’ll leave and in the same blurb for issues #46 it says a farewell, but I’m hopeful that means a farewell for the cause of their journey and not Petrichor because they’re such an awesome character and I want to know more about her backstory. Also, I’m hoping Alana still keeps this new set of skills after they do what they came to this planet to do because it was really cool to see her working alongside Hazel like that.

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– Kirra // Goodreads




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