Kozy.Korner Candle Unboxing!

Hello everyone,

Today I'm showing off the Throne of Glass candle set from Kozy.Korner and honestly just gushing about how each candle is more delicious than the next. I think it's incredibly rare to get six very unique candles and actually enjoy every one of them. There was even one of them that I initially thought I didn't love the scent of but after a few more times smelling it, I was hooked on that one too! Head over to Kozy.Korner now and get 10% off all purchases on anything in the store with the code KIRRA10 or continue reading below for a little description on each candle and their scents!

The Good Prince

This candle is named after none other than Dorian, the good prince. I love Dorian and I feel like he's the one who needed a novella because there's so much more to him that isn't shown in the Throne of Glass series but now I can at least burn this beautiful candle to put more Dorian into my life! The scents of this candle are wood, lime and pepper. While the lime is the strongest scent out of the three you can also really pick up the wood and pepper scents underneath so it's a nice layered effect that is so crisp and clean. I'm also loving it because on top is a layer of purple, blue and silver sparkles so it looks incredibly magical and stunning just like Dorian himself.

This candle is available separately for purchase here and in the set.

The Assassin Queen

I adore candles inspired by Aelin because they are always beautiful like a setting sun and something to do with oranges, blood or fire! The Assassin Queen just hits that perfectly with the only scent of this candle being blood orange. It's so sweet and light but I think it will also be wonderfully aromatic once it's burning too. Since Aelin is also not afraid to treat herself and use the most luxurious of items I can totally imagine her running a bath after a long day of assassinating, getting a good book and lighting this candle.

This candle is available separately for purchase here and in the set.

Smells Like Home

Smells Like Home is another candle inspired by another character we love with the scent of Rowan, my favourite Fae male and warrior defender to our queen! The pinebark, jasmine and oakmoss together just make the most calming and comforting scent I've ever smelt. I honestly lifted it to my nose so many times while just writing one sentence because the scent was just so addictive so this has taken a lot longer to write than it should have. Smells Like Home is the perfect candle to transport you to Terrasen and if you buy one you're probably going to need another very soon after.

This candle is available separately for purchase here and in the set.


Who here ships Aelin and Nehemia together or just loves their awesome friendship?! I'm going to assume everyone raised their hands in their head while reading that because I don't think anyone could dislike such a glorious friendship. Elentiya is a mix of fir, coconut and rosewood. While the fir is the dominant scent in this candle that creates a strong aroma when you open it there is also a sweeter mix with the coconut that will be amazing when it burns. I think candles that pair together two friends or two platonic characters are great too because it makes you remember all the fantastic and happy times they had together and you just have a smile on your face the whole time!

This candle is available separately for purchase here and in the set.


Chaol's candle is brand new to the store and at the moment you can only purchase it in the Throne of Glass candle set linked below. This is another subtle scent that I think would be incredibly pleasing to anyone because it's not sweet or strong but is somewhere in between with a soft aroma of grapefruit, cloves and leather. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Chaol after Queen of Shadows (hopefully his novella changes that!) but I couldn't even resist standing next to him now if he smelt like this candle so maybe he wouldn't be a fan of a person smelling him either! Also, it has brilliant gold sparkles on top just like would expect Chaol's candle to be. I'm a huge fan of this one.

This candle is available for purchase in the set here.


This last candle is the surprise candle of the Throne of Glass pack that hasn't previously been sold in the store and is also only available in the set like the Chaol candle. I already think the whole set is such great value but you need to get it just for those two candles that are only sold in this set because Wyvern is seriously addictive and such a pretty colour. The Wyvern candle is made of fir, needle, rosewood and musk so similar to other candles in the set but with a stronger side of rosewood and musk that is totally unique to itself. Wyverns are such popular creatures among the readers because of Abraxos since he is such a stunning and incredible creature. When I smell this candle I think of him flying high and gracefully across the lush woods and down to the wildflowers.

This candle is available for purchase in the set here.

To purchase a set of all six candles click here and use the code KIRRA10 for 10% off! I think it's the most brilliant pack of candles to ever be made because I can honestly say I love each one and it gives you three soft, beautiful scents and three stronger ones as well for a perfect balance and a candle for every mood and setting.


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