Moss & Moon Candles Unboxing!

Hello everyone,

I’m here today with an unboxing for some new candles I purchased from a very new candle company called Moss & Moon based in Brisbane, Australia! I almost burst with excitement when I found their beautiful Instagram last week and saw the location but then my happiness was doubled when I saw the new 6oz tin range because there was a Gilmore Girls candle!!! This post isn’t sponsored at all by the business but it’s just my honest opinion that this shop is fantastic and I really just wanted to show off how beautiful it all is to everyone and show off some pictures of the products too. I’m already looking forward to the next purchase when more of her 6oz candles are up because there are Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland inspired candles coming next!


I’m also blown away at the level of professional quality for a company that has only been really up and running for a month as well. I mean look at that incredible packaging! The outside is so cute with a gorgeous wax seal and a lovely note but the inside is so well packed too. You get these adorable layers of paper that not only look adorable but also cushion the candles even more along with the actual box so that they came in perfect condition not dented or impacted at all from the travel. Victoria’s website is beautiful too and so easy to use as well with simple, clean options and plenty of ways to purchase including afterpay. I can definitely see myself becoming a frequent customer because the candles are amazing and being so close I also got the candles basically a day and a half after I purchased them so I didn’t have to wait long at all to get these.


Stars Hollow’s scent is vanilla, clove and cinnamon and it’s a strong, autumn scent. The clove and cinnamon are the more dominant than the vanilla and it just makes me want to find a picnic blanket, grab a picnic basket I bid on (hopefully made by Sookie!) and share it with a loved one. So overall it fills me with that same comforting joy that I associate with Gilmore Girls and it’s the perfect Stars Hollow candle. Central Perk is a delicious mix of coffee and blueberry muffins and while Stars Hollow is a fuller, light scent this is a deeper scent with an incredible smell that takes you right into a perfect afternoon at a cafe. I’ve wanted a candle with a coffee scent for so long and I’m so happy with this one. The coffee smell reminds me a lot of a mocha because there’s that chocolate flavour as well and then there’s the sweetness of blueberry too. Basically, if you ever wanted to eat a candle it would be this one because it smells so good!


So I hope you enjoyed my little unboxing of some new candles and it inspires you to take a look at Victoria’s shop or light a candle tonight while you’re reading a great book!

– Kirra // Goodreads

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