Book Review: Yellow by Megan Jacobson


by Megan Jacobson
Rating: ★★★★

If fourteen-year-old Kirra is having a mid-life crisis now, then it doesn’t bode well for her life expectancy. Her so-called friends bully her, whatever semblance of a mother she had has been drowned at the bottom of a gin bottle ever since her dad left them for another woman, and now a teenage ghost is speaking to her through a broken phone booth. Kirra and the ghost make a pact. She’ll prove who murdered him almost twenty years ago if he does three things for her. He makes her popular, he gets her parents back together, and he doesn’t haunt her. Things aren’t so simple, however, and Kirra realises that people can be haunted in more ways than one.

Yellow is a difficult book and like a flawed person, sometimes, it was hard to love and understand. This book follows fourteen-year-old Kirra from a small town in Australia living on the poor side of town with an alcoholic mother and struggling with her father’s absence due to his new and pregnant girlfriend. Kirra is also part of a group of friends who aren’t really her friends and are actually awful bullies that she’s too scared to stand up to and tell off in their negative ways. There were many times in this book where I rolled my eyes, cringed at the overuse of Aussie slang and became frustrated at the characters but ultimately the character growth and the big twist at the end was so fantastic that I ended this book with a warm glow inside and a smile on my face.

So, it was definitely interesting to read from the mind of a fourteen-year-old Australian girl with the same name as me! I didn’t go through the events she did in this book but I understand the peer pressures and growing pains as anyone who has been a teenager can relate to and the funniest thing was that I listened to this book on Audible so whenever she was getting told off it seemed like I was in trouble! Kirra had a great storyline though and the secondary characters added so much fuel to the fire so it was a really enjoyable read once I settled into the story around halfway into it.

Although it took me awhile to get comfortable in this book because it was a really Australian novel I actually did end up loving it. Since I’ve been reading a lot of American books lately I was just thinking how can one person possibly use so much Australian slang but then I thought maybe I’m just really out of touch with my Aussie slang so it was like a little refresher course for me! Some great parts about this book though were the fantastic friendships Kirra ended up building, the pure mystery of a large part of the plot and the massive shock to my world towards the end of this book when the truth came out about the murdered ghost of the boy she had been trying to help. Overall, this was a great audiobook to read because of the suspense behind it and I’m looking forward to reading more from Megan Jacobson in the future.

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