Book Review: Cordially Invited by Zoe Sugg


Cordially Invited: a seasonal guide to celebrations and hosting, packed full of advice, recipes, decorations and personal stories
by Zoe Sugg
Rating: ★★★★★

Published by Hachette Australia
Publication Date: 4th of October, 2018
Australian RRP: $39.99

In Zoe’s eyes the best thing about getting people together is there really is no right or wrong way: maybe you want to plan a throw-everything-at-it shindig, or simply make a special effort for one guest. Mostly it’s about how people feel when they’re in your company. How the smallest of gatherings can feel momentous, and the biggest of parties can feel intimate. Over the years Zoe has shared glimpses of this side to her in her videos, with millions of viewers taking daily inspiration from her life. In Cordially Invited she shares her best and never seen before ideas in print. Divided into seasons, and woven through with Zoe’s own stories and memories, this book reveals her favourite events – big or small – throughout the year and how to celebrate them in style.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed watching Zoe’s main Youtube channel and vlogging channel and loved watching her create great events and dinners for her friends and family as well as decorating her home and making fantastic gifts. Zoe has an amazing eye for style and a creative streak that comes across in all her beauty and homeware lines, her videos and now her new book, Cordially Invited. This is her first non-fiction and lifestyle book that will guide you through many different types of events and get togethers for a range of people. Zoe also gives helpful tips and ideas to her readers on how to make people feel entirely at ease and comfortable at any event or gathering.

I loved the way this book covered the four seasons of a year and the holidays in between like Easter and Christmas so it was like you could read through and prepare for the whole year. One of my favourite parts of this book too was the Pup Party section that included pupcakes because even though I don’t have a dog I have plenty of friends with puppies that I would love to bake for! The whole Halloween section was so cosy too and it really put me in a DIY mood with Halloween only being a few weeks away now! I loved the look of the decorations and all of the recipes were super simple but also so adorable like the chocolate skeleton biscuits and ghost meringue.

I was also impressed to find that it not only discussed great ideas but this book also had a fantastic amount of recipes, DIY projects and even group games and activities for different events. Cordially Invited can be your one and only for all your events, gatherings and parties with everything you could need inside this one book with a beautiful cover and amazing photos to go along with it. I am so thrilled to have this book in my collection now and I know I will get so much use from it year round.

(Thank you to Hachette Australia for sending a copy of this book for review. Cordially Invited is now out in stores and online!)

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Hachette Australia, Cordially Invited
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