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Arc Review: The Secret Runners of New York by Matthew Reilly


The Secret Runners of New York
by Matthew Reilly
Rating: ★★★★

Published by Pan Macmillan Australia
Publication Date: 26th of March, 2019
Australian RRP: $16.99

When Skye Rogers and her twin brother Red move to Manhattan, rumours of a coming global apocalypse are building. This doesn’t stop the young elite of New York from partying without a care. Then suddenly Skye is invited to join an exclusive gang known as the Secret Runners of New York but this is no ordinary clique – they have access to an underground portal that can transport them into the future and what Skye discovers in the future is horrifying.

Matthew Reilly’s latest novel is set in modern day New York in a dystopian setting and includes time travel! As usual, he is always bringing new and exciting stories to life that you never expect. The intro was pretty different to his usual writing style in his novels with an older character, but he pulls the reader into the younger character base with ease as you’re introduced to the latest mystery of what is happening to the new students of this elite New York school? And, on top of missing teenagers, is the end of the world happening or is it just another raving person with a conspiracy predicting the end?

This book can be compared as if Gossip Girl mixed time travel, mystery and action into this mix. It combines the drama and fun of the elite school and super rich kids with Reilly’s great adventure and mystery. Although it is a young adult novel the way he writes can be enjoyed by adults too of course because the way he writes just captures any reader so easily with the way he can immerse you into an action packed plot with ease. I wouldn’t recommend this book to readers under thirteen due to the graphic descriptions, but I really loved how descriptive it was for myself. He was describing New York and the story in such a realistic and unsettling way that it was actually putting me on edge as I read it late at night and definitely creeping me out.

The Secret Runners of New York flew by and I finished it so quickly because I stayed up late just needing to know how it ended! I loved every part of this story from the initial mystery, to the induction of the main character to the elite group, the first run Skye joined the group on and all the questions being answered as the group explored more of the city during the ‘runs’ they went on together. I definitely suggest this book to any lover of action and mystery because I think there’s something in here for everyone to enjoy too with the added layer of drama a little sci-fi in there too with the time travel factor.

(Thank you to Pan Macmillan Australia for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Secret Runners of New York is out in store and online on the 26th of March.)

Pan Macmillan, The Secret Runners of New York
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