Book Review: This Vicious Cure by Emily Suvada

This Vicious Cure
(This Mortal Coil #3)
by Emily Suvada
Rating: ★★★★

Published by Penguin Books Australia
Publication Date: 4th of February, 2020
Australian RRP: $16.99

“Cat’s hacking skills weren’t enough to keep her from losing everything – her identity, her past, and now her freedom. Meanwhile, the person who’s stolen everything from her is close to realizing a hacker’s dream: the solution to humanity’s problems in gene form. Now a new threat has emerged – a threat that could bring the world to the brink of a devastating war. Both sides will stop at nothing to seize control of humanity’s future.”

This Vicious Cure is the conclusion to the series that explores gene-hacking, change of DNA and global pandemics. Catarina has fought against losing her own humanity along with every person in the world as they once again need a new vaccine to combat a new threat larger and more devastating than before. I was so lucky to have the second and third book in my hands at the same time as I finished This Cruel Design and I was able to immediately open up This Vicious Cure and continue reading. 

Honestly, this book confused me at times because there was so much going on and both perspectives had a fantastically busy time during the book. Jun Bei spent her time trying to finish her code while also debating whether anyone should have the power to such a powerful change to humanity and also piecing together her lost time. While Catarina spent most of the book helping her friends run from their enemies and trying to find leverage to stop a war and the loss of human life. However, once I went further into the book it became much more linear and I was able to follow both of their hectic stories alongside each other.

The main thing Jun Bei and Catarina have in common with their goals and personality is the importance of preserving human life and helping humanity, in their own ways. One definitely does it in a more conventional way while the other is in turmoil over what she can do, and what is right. If you had the option to change everything there would be so many what-ifs on how it could pan out. Most of all is the issue of who controls it can also have the power taken away or abused and having that much power scares her with what she could become. That was one of the most interesting parts of the book as you could see she had the potential to do terrible things but she still wanted the best for humanity.

I enjoyed the way this book displayed hacking, the genetic code and DNA in a way that was easy to read in a fictional novel and understandable to a large audience. The virus that attacked everyone initially was also great to read about because it turned them into people without humanity and so everyone left is striving to keep their humanity and turning to desperate causes. Overall, it was an exciting series that I really enjoyed reading and I think all the books were fast-paced and kept the action high. I would recommend it to fans of the Scythe series for the same theme of playing god over humanity and the same high-level exhilaration!

Thank you to Penguin Australia for a copy of this book for review. This Vicious Cure is available in-store and online in Australia!

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