Book Review: American Royals by Katharine McGee

American Royals
by Katharine McGee

Published by Penguin Books Australia
Publication Date: 3rd of September, 2019
Australian RRP: $16.99

”HRH Princess Samantha has always been a royal rebel. She’s the spare not the heir, so no one minds too much who she dates or how hard she parties. It helps that her sister, Princess Beatrice, is literally perfect. She’s demure, sweet and beautiful, and she knows that the crown always comes first – no matter what her heart might really want. But they’re not the only ones with their eye on the throne. Daphne Deighton might be ‘newly noble’ but she won Prince Jefferson’s heart once, and she’ll do anything to get back into the court’s favour – and his bed. If only she knew that her competition was a common nobody – plain little Nina Gonzalez, the daughter of the king’s secretary. Together these four young women must navigate the drama, gossip, scheming and sizzling romance of the most glorious court in the world. They’ll either be crowned in glory – or end up as shockingly royal disasters.

As a big fan of The Thousandth Floor, I’ve been eager to read this book since it was first announced. However, when it was released I was in a big reading slump and after grabbing it and going through the first chapter I wasn’t immersed in it so I put it away. Now, six months later, I picked it up again and read it in two days!

Like with her other books there is a fantastic mix of characters all with their own chapters. It’s a very female-driven book though as even Jefferson, the royal younger brother is heavily present in the book but feels more like a secondary character. Meanwhile, Beatrice, Samantha, Nina and Daphne all had well-defined storylines and I was equally interested in all of them.

Beatrice was dull at first but when she embraced herself, had fun and fell in love she became a great character. Her younger sister, Samantha, was the opposite having too much fun because she could and when she matured and accepted herself too great things came to her. Nina was difficult to like at first as she was always down on herself, hiding and not acting when she should of. I feel she really needs to step up in the next book and take charge. Of course, Daphne was the typical backstabber with controlling parents and her own motives but her story is the most thrilling with the secrets, danger and sort-of love triangle!

I’m excited to read the next book and see where all four of these young women go. There’s also the matter of Beatrice now being the first female ruler of America on her own and with her fate in love still up in the air. After finishing this book today I’m really looking forward to the next book out late this year. I want to follow on with all of their stories and see what drama awaits them!

Thanks for reading!

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– Kirra // Goodreads

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