Book Review: The Origin of Me by Bernard Gallate

The Origin of Me
by Bernard Gallate

Published by Penguin Books Australia
Publication Date: 17th of March, 2020
Australian RRP: $32.99

“Lincoln Locke’s fifteen-year-old life is turned upside down when he’s thrust into bachelor-pad living with his father, after his parents’ marriage breaks up, and into an exclusive new school. Crestfield Academy offers Lincoln a new set of peers – the crème de la crème of gifted individuals, who also happen to be financially loaded – and a place on the swim relay team with a bunch of thugs in Speedos. Homunculus, the little voice inside his head, doesn’t make life any easier; nor does Lincoln’s growing awareness of a genetic anomaly that threatens to humiliate him at every turn.

On a search for answers to big LIFE questions, he turns to the school library, where he spies a nineteenth-century memoir, My One Redeeming Affliction by Edwin Stroud, a one-time star of Melinkoff’s Astonishing Assembly of Freaks. As Lincoln slowly reads this peculiar, life-changing book, the past reaches into his present in fascinating and alarming ways.”

The Origin of Me follows Lincoln Locke, a fifteen-year-old boy with a secret and has only ever kissed one girl, and it ended in disaster. That’s not even the worst of his bad luck because his parent’s marriage has also ended in disaster… Now Lincoln is living with his dad in his bachelor pad and attending a fancy new school where everyone else is with above him. It seems like a fairly normal book about a boy until he finds a book in the school library and finds his life mirroring the book in unimaginable ways!

Every time I pick up adult fiction and from Australian authors it always blows me away with how great they are to read. Especially when I think the book isn’t my style because of what I usually read then I always end up enjoying them so much. Lincoln was a hilarious kid that had a witty mind and I thoroughly enjoyed following his rollercoaster ride. It was also cool actually reading the memoir he was reading as the author wrote whole passages for it in the chapters so it was like two different books.

This book was funny and outrageous at times. Being in the mind of a fifteen year old boy is a crazy thing but I feel like the author made that very realistic and captured the everyday teenage dramas too. I enjoyed this book and it was a smooth, quick read. I thought it had a great excitement in the pages and I do recommend it to lovers of fiction, friendship and imagination.

Thank you to Penguin Australia for a copy of this book for review. The Origin of Me is out now instore and online, purchase links below!

Thanks for reading!

Penguin Australia, The Origin of Me
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