Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in May!

Hello everyone, how many books did you read in April?
Darkly humorous, like something from a dystopian novel, as the world dissolves in chaos and we’re confined to our homes I still find I don’t have enough time to read! I tried my best but with the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons in march I’ve had a hard time splitting my time between gaming and reading when I’ve been playing 3+ hours a day. However, I’m hoping to read at least two of these upcoming releases in May and the rest are on my TBR to hopefully follow up soon with as long as I can get the books. 

Clique Bait
Release date: April 28th

This book has a really fun sounding revenge plot and I’m sure it’ll be an entertaining read. Even better is the fact that apparently she begins to fall for one of the bullies she set out to destroy in revenge for her best friend so there the conflict will begin I’m sure! It sounds like it’ll be a great read and it’s definitely one I want to start soon.

The Betrothed
Release date: May 5th

The Selection was a series that was a great guilty pleasure of mine, the story wasn’t an intense fantasy or a daring thriller but it was a fun romance that swept me up and I was rooting for those characters and their happy ending! Now the author is back with a new series sort of similar in plot but definitely with it’s own spin and unique characters. I’m really hoping this one is as fun to dive into.

House of Dragons
Release date: May 12th

When I read the plot for this book I has serious Six of Crows vibes with the five outcasts and their different character traits but all of these characters are royal in their own right but vying for emperor’s throne so there a more classic fantasy and royalty spin to it. Also dragons! This sounds like one heavy fantasy book I’m ready to take a bite out of.

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
Release date: May 19th

Do you remember a little book called The Hunger Games? Yeah, there’s a prequel and it’s almost here! Going all the way back to the 10th Hunger Games (Katniss was in the 74th) we follow Coriolanus Snow as a young man, preparing for fame and glory not as a winner of the Hunger Games but as a mentor. In a cruel twist of fate he gets a female tribute from District 12. I’ve always wanted to know what the early games were like and getting to see what the mentoring was like as well first hand as well as Snow’s early life just ticks all the boxes for this dream book. This is definitely my most anticipated read for May and I will be reading it asap!

So, what will you be reading this month?

– Kirra // Goodreads

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