Books I’m Looking Forward to Reading in August!

Hello everyone, it’s August!

I know by the end of June it’s the middle of the year but for me I don’t really begin to feel like the year is coming to an end until August because before you know it we’re at Christmas! The only good thing about going further into the year at the moment is that August is a good month for book releases. I’ve included a few from July as reading has been slow at the moment and I haven’t been to a bookstore much at all this year. I think you’re either surpassing your reading challenge this year or just scraping by! For me, I was hopeful to have read way more but I’m happy to at least be beating my goal at the moment!

What will you be reading in August?

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The Princess Will Save You
by Sarah Henning

This is cover is so damn cute, you know when you see a cover from Charlie Bowater it’s going to be a good book! This book also seems to have a great plot, a princess in love with a commoner is a typical storyline but in this one the princess has to rescue her love after he’s kidnapped in a political marriage scheme. This does seem like it could be too close to other books or movies but I’m hoping it’ll have a unique characteristic and be a fast-paced novel!

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by Gita Trelease

The first book in this duology, Enchantée, was positively enchanting. I adored the little history tibbets inserted into this book but I was also swept away with the glamour and beauty of the time period. I’m hoping the second book will be as fast-paced and wrap up the story well. Check out my review for the first book here!

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Star Daughter
by Shveta Thakrar

And another great cover from Charlie Bowater, she is on a roll this year. This book is definitely one to look forward to, it’s a novel rich with Hindu mythology and dipping into young adult fantasy. Star Daughter is also a standalone (Woo!) so I really want to read this one because I know I’ll get everything out of this book and not have to wait years for a conclusion as you do with some of my (beloved) favourite Young Adult series.

Thanks for reading! 

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– Kirra // Goodreads

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