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Blog Tour: Sticks and Stones by Katherine Firkin


Sticks & Stones
by Katherine Firkin
Rating: ★★★★★

Published by Penguin Books Australia
Publication Date: 2nd of June, 2020
Australian RRP: $32.99

“It’s winter in Melbourne and Detective Emmett Corban is starting to regret his promotion to head of the Missing Persons Unit, as the routine reports pile up on his desk. So when Natale Gibson goes missing, he’s convinced this is the big case he’s been waiting for – the woman’s husband and parents insist the devoted mother would never abandon her children, and her personal accounts remain untouched. But things aren’t all they seem. The close-knit Italian family is keeping secrets – none bigger than the one Natale has been hiding.”

The first characters we’re introduced to are Emmett and Cindy Corban, a married couple with one child living in Melbourne. Emmett is now a detective in the Missing Persons Unit whilst Cindy is returning to the workforce as a photographer after raising their son at home up to his school age. Then in the same chapter we’re introduced to Marcus, the typical high earning playboy that sees women as disposable. 

With so many characters in this book I initially thought it would be difficult to tell everyone apart while keeping track of all their connections but the authors has done a terrific job of making each person stand out on their own. We then meet more people in the police force and the people tied to the current missing persons cases as well. You then realise as the book goes on that they all have a link to each other. We also get flashbacks of the killer’s childhood, as a small boy he witnessing his mother’s drug overdose to the multiple foster homes he bounced through and his trouble’s at school.

This is one of my favourite genres to read and usually, I enjoy reading from the perspective of the killer but coming from the viewpoint of the detective of the case as well as the people around him has been so refreshing for me. I loved seeing them work through the facts and also having to try and figure out who the killer with so many people in this book and my strong suspicion of a red herring. 

I didn’t put this book down from start to finish, not even stopping for a break as my coffee on the table went cold, because I was so drawn into the story. I love that it was Australian fiction too because you have the connection to places you know. Sticks and Stones has great pacing, an exciting progression of events and all of the mystery and suspense of a bestseller. 

I think everyone that loves an exciting thriller or crime story will be needing to pick up this book on release day because I was totally absorbed in the storyline and I was behind these characters. Most of them were hiding dark secrets that made it more intense to read and the ending was fulfilling. I also feel that there is potential here for a series following Emmett Corban with more murders set in Melbourne and I truly look forward to reading the next novel from Katherine Firkin.

Thanks for reading!

Penguin Books Australia, Sticks and Stones
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